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Meet our Mascot, LuLu


LuLu is the lovable mascot of Good Love Macarons. She is a 120-pound red fawn full-bred bullmastiff who is the sweetest and most mellow dog you will ever meet in your life. LuLu is 9 years old in 2021. She was born on July 23, 2012. LuLu is not only the official mascot of Good Love Macarons, she serves as a missionary dog providing emotional support and therapy to agitated patients and families, whom we serve through the Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries. She volunteers with me at Covenant Care Hospice & hopefully soon, with Jessica's House. For her birthday, I created mini versions of her called LuLu Macarons and a birthday cake made with stacked hamburger patties and mashed potatoes as frosting.


When I was going through my health healing journey, LuLu provided companionship and emotional support. She is the personification of what’s good and lovable in this world.  

In my quiet time, I’d like to read my Bible and devotional guide and say a prayer before I launch my day. I hold LuLu’s paws when I pray and I also bless her by laying my hands on her. When I was recovering from my spine procedures and surgery, especially when I was feeling extreme pain, I’d pet her head and her neck as it is the softest part of her face. Having a dog like her with a calm demeanor and soothing personality has been truly therapeutic. She is also a good source of giggles and laughters when she starts to roll on her back to get people’s attention. The joy and laughter she brings in people’s lives, bring healing to the bones. 

LuLu has also provided me great companionship and entertainment while I bake various colors, designs and flavors of Good Love Macarons since starting in November 2017. 

I share LuLu to the world through her Instagram & Facebook pages. If you want a pet, but can't have one, LuLu can be your virtual emotional support dog. 

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