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Meet Christina, owner and creator of Good Love Macarons — turning a hobby into a ministry.

Hello, my name is Christina from Turlock, CA. I moved to the Modesto, CA area in early 2013 from the Washington, DC area. I have two adult children whom I am so proud of-- my son, Christan (Ethan), 25, a business management & marketing graduate at CSUS, and Ysabella, 24, a registered pediatric ICU nurse in SoCal. I have a 120 lb. bullmastiff named LuLu, the sweetest and most mellow dog you'll ever meet. I am married to my husband, Jim, a journalist.


Professionally, I've been a marketing, advertising, strategic communications, PR, campaign & media strategist professional since 1991. I chose to specialize in digital marketing, as early as 1999 then later on became an early adopter in the use of social media for marketing campaigns while in Washington D.C. Fast forward to my life in Turlock, I got recruited by another chaplain to pursue my hospital chaplaincy board certification-- a special scholarship that I received from a clinical pastoral supervision & psychotherapy college. I'd say chaplaincy was truly meant for me. I also actively volunteer as a health care worker and a full-time missionary. In June 2016, a month after my mom's passing, I received a spiritual calling in my heart to serve the elderly, the sick, and people in crisis. But I faced a lot of medical challenges after I said "Yes, Lord" to full-time ministry in October 2017. Since 2018, I have undergone 8 spine procedures, 1 major foot surgery, and recently just got hospitalized for a rare lung condition. However, I am happy to share that in spite of it all, with prayers and my effective and strategic self-care programs, a radical change in lifestyle, exercise & nutrition, and following my doctors’ procedures & treatment plans, I am recovering successfully. Now, I am fulfilling my calling and sharing the good news about God’s healing power to help people with illnesses through my Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries. In January 2018, I started serving as a volunteer health worker and missionary at the Emanuel Cancer Center. Later on, I also volunteered at Covenant Care Hospice & Jessica's House.

I started baking Macarons in November 2017 to surprise my daughter, Ysabella, when she visited our new home in California. She loves French macarons and would pay as much as $3-6 per piece. I have baked macarons 800x since then & counting! Macarons are very difficult and time-consuming to make. They are finicky and unpredictable. They do not thrive in humid conditions. As a hobby, it taught me precision, accuracy, timing, discipline, technique, and lots of patience. 

I named my products Good Love Macarons, not only because it’s organic and gluten-free (macarons use almond flour), but also because it has become part of my personal ministry of doing more good and sharing more love for people who need care and compassion. It has opened opportunities for me to share my personal testimony hoping that my effort will bring that person one step closer to God and strengthen their faith in their life and healing journey. Good Love Macarons has helped rekindle friendships, celebrate milestones or special occasions, support a worthy cause through fundraising, uplift a person’s grieving heart, or bring a smile to an elderly or sick patient or caregiver. In Feb-March 2018, with help from friends and family's generous donations, I was able to raise the amount I needed to join a medical and dental mission trip in Aklan, Philippines, which reached up to 6,000 people in need. After 23 years living outside my birth country, I was able to visit the Philippines for the first time again. During my extended stay in the Philippines, I was able to minister to some churches through testimony, dance, laying of hands on the sick, as well as to a few friends and family, even strangers.

I do not technically "sell" my macarons but friends, family and the caring public can pray for my ministry and donate to receive the macarons. Your donation will help support all my missions and charities through the Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries-- both locally, abroad, and online. With your donation, you’ll be rewarded with the appropriate quantity of Macarons. My passion and compassion for helping others in need have been inspired by the Book of Ruth in the Bible, and my late mother, RUTH, who passed away on May 9, 2016. My mom helped provide me and my children emotional support and supportive services at our home. She significantly impacted my life, especially during the 20+ years that she lived with me. She has started everything that my full-time ministry offers using a telephone and her passion for teaching others on how to grow in Godly faith. I honor her memory and legacy through my work.

When you support Good Love Macarons, you are able to do more good and share love vicariously through the Heart of Ruth. Donate to Good Love Macarons to try our featured Macaron(s) of the Month.

New product variants like dog treat macarons, meringue pops and caramel flan are also available.


Good Love Macarons — French Macarons for a Good Cause

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